Legal Aid

Headfort Foundation through its renowned volunteers who are legal practitioners spread across Nigeria, passionately handles cases of indigent inmates awaiting trial in court probono. Statistics shows that 40% of inmates in Nigerian Prisons are indigent citizens and does not have legal representation because they cannot afford one, hence they are at the mercy of the prosecution. Our volunteers who have been intensely trained takes up cases assigned to them passionately to ensure that the remand rate in Nigeria is brought down to its barest minimum


Headfort Foundation aims at sensitizing the youth and Nigerian Citizens through media, seminars, workshops, symposium and its social media platforms on human rights subjects, steps to take when arrested by Nigerian Police, extent of police powers and steps to take to avoid police brutality.


Headfort Foundation aims at meeting with local and national stakeholders, Institutions, and authorities to discuss modes of decongesting Nigerian Prison through policies and procedures.


Headfort Foundation partners with business owners and professionals to ensure that inmates after term do not go back to crime. it trains the ex-inmates/convicts on morals expected of them in the society and how to be a better person regardless of their experience in prison. at the training, it identify their strength and link them with partners for skills acquisition, education or employment as the case may be.

Committed to what we do...

Headfort Foundation's goal is to see a society where ex-convict and ex-inmates are not stigmatized. To advocate for a better prison and criminal Justice reforms.


Founder/COO Lawyer

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