It is no longer news that the establishment of the forces (Army, Airforce, Police et al) have since its establishment had tilted from its social responsibilities. The defense of the territory integrity, defending Nigeria from external aggression, maintaining and securing its borders, maintain peace and order where necessary etc. According to the provisions by law, it has taken a new phase and a strange narrative. This however, since emergence has become a plague that have bewitched a nation where peace and justice were supposed to be reigning instead, it has been a rain of terror, irrational delivery of justice, brutal acts meted on civilians et al.

Overtime, the weight of the hammer hitting hard on the masses cannot be overemphasized because it is always the common man that is faced with this brutal act. The ‘Ordinary Nigerian’ is powerless where the law is powerless and where the crème de la crème of the society manipulates its supposed righteous deliveries rubs hopelessness on the face of the masses.

Narratives abound of the brutalities orchestrated by the forces and the act of being above the law, the manipulation of justice vis a vis other social mis-appropriateness, the people wail under weight of these brutalities and the fear of being killed, assaulted, and maimed. The people are being stripped of their humanity and the human sense of fair hearing has been subdued. This piece therefore will not bore you with explanations or evidence, we have them paraded all around. A failed company can only be revived if the CEO of the said company can give ears and quality time to the lapses, ineffectiveness of the workers, implementation of policies that will further resurrect the dying state of the company.

To curb this, quality policies bearing in mind humanity can play vital role in curbing the excesses of the force, mind rehabilitation, mouthwatering salary schemes, good welfare packages, psychological renewal etc will curb the aggression and the vices in the agencies.

In addition, the purpose of knowledge is to make the people to be easy to govern and difficult to enslave, there is a thin line between both though, but if the government policies and implementations are driven by the intention to enslave and cow her people, then the people are no longer humans but a government made ‘animal’ with the rod(forces) to direct them whichever way it pleases them, this is not just and should be checked. The people are human and should be treated as one.

However, there is a beacon of hope as HEADFORT FOUNDATION a foremost legal foundation is putting on herself the responsibilities of advocating the case(s) of helpless Nigerians who are illegally detained, unjustly brutalized and irrationally detained by the law enforcing agencies and one can now heave air of relief that a failed company is of no concern to the Nigerian people because we now have a resounding voice of justice.


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