Sanni came to Lagos for the very first time all the way from Ilorin, Kwara state sometime in October 2018 to visit a family member. He dropped at cele busstop in Isolo area to board another bus to his final destination. While he was waiting at the busstop, some "agberos" started fighting and police came to the scene of the fight. While people were running at the sight of the police, Sanni could not run because he had loads he came with and police arrested everyone they could lay their hands on including sanni notwithstanding that it was evident he wasn't involved in any fight. At the police station, every other person arrested got bailed after paying certain amount but Sanni had no money with him and could not contact anyone to come for him because his phone battery was flat. When he couldn't pay, he was charged to court and subsequently remanded in prison. . . Headfort Foundation took up his case on the 30th of November,2018 during its prison outreach and one of our lawyers represented him in court on the 19th of December, 2018 when the court struck out his case and released him to go home in peace. He has since returned to Ilorin. #standforjustice

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