Here is a story of two strangers (a 17 year old apprentice and another young man) who left their places of work and ended up in prison. This unfortunate event happened in June 2019, They were raided by the police on different dates and at different locations. After few days, they were both charged to court for stealing and that was how they got to know each other. The court arraigned them, they pleaded not guilty and were granted bail. Unfortunately, they could not perfect the bail and so were in detention for many months. we met them at one of our prison visitations and took their brief. A lawyer was assigned to the matter and found out that the prosecution couldn't produce any witness and kept on asking for adjournments while they wallowed in prison. Finally, our application for striking out was secured on 30th of December, 2019 after several attempts. This was over six months and they even spent christmas in prison for a crime they didn't commit

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