Francis was incarcerated in prison for three months for spending 500 Naira note that was said to be fake currency. Francis had 1000 Naira with him, he took marwa (Tricycle) from Obalende to falomo and was given 900 Naira Change. At falomo, he bought airtime of 200 naira and proceeded to a vendor to buy newspaper of 250 Naira, so he handed over the 500 Naira note to the vendor who alleged that the note was fake. Argument ensued and attracted the attention of a nearby police officer who immediately arrested him. The vendor told the police he is not interested in any case, Police made their demands but francis couldn't pay and he was charged to court for being in possession of fake currency. One of our lawyers was present in court the day he was arraigned, took his brief and represented him. Our application to strike out the application was granted after 3 attempts.

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