Adewale Rufai is a bus driver who was arrested in June 2019. He was raided in Ikorodu while he was waiting for his conductor for one more turn before the close of the day. He was taken to Panti police station, Yaba and charged to court along with 11 people for manslaughter. The court granted them bail with the condition of 2 sureties and a sum of #100,000 bail while they await the DPP advice. We met Adewale Rufai in January 2020, took his brief and since then we have been representing him in court. We contacted his family members and started taking steps towards perfecting his bail. DPP advice came out in February where it stated that 6 of the 11 defendants should be released and the remaining 5 should be charged for cultism. Unfortunately, Adewale Rufai was among the 5 to be charged for cultism. Indeed, the family members struggled to raise up to # 50,000 for his bail. However, Headfort Foundation assisted them with the remaining amount to perfect the bail. It's with our great pleasure that on the 2nd of March, 2021 we are able to perfect his bail and he has been released. We say thank you to everyone that participated in perfecting Adewale Rufai's bail.

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