These young men were arrested on the 17th day of December, 2019 at different locations in the course of a series of raiding by SARS officials. From there, they were taken to the police station alongside many others who were also victims of the unprofessional and illegal raiding and they were asked to perfect their bail with #10,000. They collected all they had and locked them up in the police cell. Although they were allowed to make calls so people could come and perfect their bail, it was only the lucky ones that perfected their bail while the remaining twenty five were charged to court for belonging to unlawful society. The court admitted them to bail and remanded them in prison custody. Among the twenty-five charged to court, nineteen were able to perfect their bail while the remaining six were continued to languish in prison. This matter got complicated when those on bail stopped coming to court and the prosecutor could not trace them. They have been in prison since December 2019 and couldn't even afford to pay lawyers anymore. Though at the initial stage, their family members tried to help them but the financial responsibilities were overwhelming. The good news is that after taking their brief in January 2021, we got them released yesterday as it was obvious that there was no case against them. To say the fact, it is psychologically devastating that they had to stay so long in prison for no just cause. Our hope therefore, is that they will be able to get back on their feet as soon as possible. Thank you Dr. David Aderinokun for supporting us to impact these young men This success is attributed to Dr. David Aderinokun as he sponsored the installation of the mobile office at Ogba Magistrate Court where this success was recorded.

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