Victor Dossa is a 56 year old man from Benin Republic, who came to Nigeria to work as a personal driver to the chairman of a certain Nigerian company just to make ends meet. However, he went out with his girlfriend in his boss' car sometime in 2018. Along their journey, they made a quick stop at a gas station just to fuel the car. Unaware of his girlfriend's malicious intention, Victor stepped out of the car to buy something and before he knew it, the lady drove away with the car leaving him with no clue or means of reaching out to her. The incidence caught Victor off guard as he doesn't know any of her relatives, friends or where she lives. Since he could not account for the car, he was thereby arrested for stealing the car. Days turn into weeks, which turn into months.. Victor was in prison for two years without legal representation before we met him in 2020 and took his brief at one of our booth stands in Igbosere Magistrate court before it was burnt down when the EndSars protest was hijacked by hoodlums We dutifully followed up on his matter and represented him in court. Fortunately we met with the complainant who agreed to withdraw the charge against him. We are glad to announce to you that the charges against Victor Dossa was withdrawn on March 11, 2021 and he has gone back to his home country, Benin Republic right after the court discharge.

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