Mr. Clement can be best described as a local Real Estate Agent who assists clients to procure houses of their choice whether for residence or business. His first contact with the complainant was when she requested his agency service. He informed her that the property in question wasn't ready for habitation, however, he made a counteroffer of another apartment that was just as suitable. The complainant preferred to wait for the former and thus, made payment. After a while, her patience was exhausted, so she requested a refund or access to a finished apartment. Mr. Clement pleaded for a little more time as the apartment was still not ready at the time for safe habitation. The complainant would have none of that, so she reported to the police without any hesitation. While at the police station, Mr Clement pleaded for more time, but he was not granted. And before he knew it, he was charged to court for obtaining money by false pretence. Though the court granted him bail. However, he couldn't perfect the bail being the only breadwinner of his family with school-age kids, causing a great constraints on his finances. And since July 2019, he had been remanded in prison. Lucky for him, we met him at our Ogba Magistrate Court boothstand and took his brief. After several adjournments with no witness in court, the prosecution pleaded for grace one more time to enable him to serve summons to the witness(es). And on April 1, 2021, like every other adjournments, no witness showed up and our application for striking out of the case was effectively granted. Due to the blockage on the routes to and fro the correctional centres, warders could not bring the inmates to court that day. Hence, we took it upon ourselves, went to the correctional centre and effected his release Surprisingly, Mr Clement was not aware he would be going home that day, thus, he didn't have any of his family members present in court. However, as it is our practice, we took steps to ensure he got home safely. Reminiscing the whole experience, Mr Clement had spent 21 months in prison for a matter that could have just been settled amicably. This is why we always encourage fellow citizens to try mediation before filing matters in court. By this, frequent abandonment of cases, as this, would be avoided. We appreciate all our sponsors, partners, volunteers and followers for believing in our course and cheering us on. Thank you very much.

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