Yauba is a 26year old widower with two children from Adamawa State. He left his family in 2019 to Lagos after Boko Haram terrorists destroyed and massacred people in his community to which his wife was a victim. With the profit he had made as a farmer, he left for Lagos leaving the children with his elder brother.

On arrival in Lagos, he purchased a motorcycle and was using it for commercial purposes.

Sometime in January 2020 as he was commuting a passenger to his destination within Orile axis, he was accosted by policemen who tried to take his bike. He dragged with them because he knew it would be difficult to recover the bike so they arrested him. At the Orile Police station, they alleged that the arrest was because he wore an Army color face cap and he was later charged to court for the offense of impersonation when he couldn't pay for his bail at the station.

In court, he was granted bail and remanded at Ikoyi prison. He couldn't afford to pay for a lawyer and didn't want to call his brother since he was helping with taking care of his children  back home.

Our lawyer- Juliet Akah met him at the court cell in January 2022 and took his brief. She started representing him and realized that Yauba was just caught in the wheel of justice as nothing was happening in his case.  She did her investigations, made a good case and the court ruled in her favor. On the 15th of March 2022, Yauba was released to go home.

He spent 2 years and 2months in custody.


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