Chidiebere and Samuel are brothers from Aba, Abia State. They relocated to Lagos and worked as commercial drivers.

On the 11th of December 2019, they commenced work from Iyanaoworo. Before they got to the bus stop, some OPC men had caught two robbers and were beating them on the spot, also telling them to point out their members, and one of them pointed at the two brothers.

Without hearing from them, they were all taken to the Iyanoworo police station. However, the police officers at Iyanaoworo rejected them and asked they all be taken to panti. They spent close to two months at panti before being charged to court for the offense of armed robbery.

Their case was referred to us by another inmate at the prison who knew their story and their lack of legal representation. We got in touch with their relatives and afforded them free legal representation.

 Our lawyer carried out investigations and found out that the matter had been referred for legal advice. At the same time, the defendants are already being tried at the High Court. Confused as to how they were being tried at the High Court while awaiting DPP advice at the Magistrate Court, She followed up and ensured the Legal Advice was processed and sent to the court.

The DDP advice states the two brothers should be released as they have no case to answer but they were taken along with the other defendants who had a case to answer.

Our lawyer ensured the discrepancies were brought to the knowledge of the court and they were released immediately after spending two years and two months in custody.

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