Dare from Ilaje part of Ondo State came to Lagos, Nigeria sometimes in February 2018 to hustle and seek for greener pastures. He applied as an apprentice at a mechanic workshop somewhere in Ikorodu, Lagos State and was thereafter doing his job diligently until one morning in July 2018 when police raided his environment and packed him alongside about 26 other young men. They were taken to the police station and later charged to court. Court granted them bail but because Dare has no family in Lagos, he couldn’t perfect the bail. One of our lawyers represented him probono in court and got the case struck out because the prosecution could not provide any witness in court. He was released on the 21st of November, 2018. . . Dare spent four months in prison for waking up and going to his place of work! He was in prison for nothing and the justice system is so bad that NO ONE can be held responsible for making this man suffer for nothing! It’s high time we made our police responsible! Justice is not one sided! The future seems blurry for this young man. He is sick! He doesn’t know the way forward! He has no slippers on! No tfare! He has nothing and no one. We gave him tfare and also counsel him to be of good moral values. . We still have his contact as we intend to do training and keep up with him for at least 6months to ensure he is doing well. The picture above is the picture of the young man and our lawyer who represented him. Same was taken in front of the court cell after the court proceedings on 21/11/2018.

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