Chidinma was working as a waitress and lived at Egbeda in Lagos State. Sometime in October 2020, her husband brought a Washing Machine home, and this caused a rift between him and the landlady's son who said they had no right to own a washing machine while owing rent. They explained that the pandemic had affected their income as the husband lost his job and they were managing with the little she was earning. The rent just expired at the time, and they wanted to renew it but all their pleas fell on deaf ears.

The landlady's son keeps hurling insults at them every time they get to meet in the compound. On one occasion, Chidinma couldn't take his insults anymore, so she went out to tell him off. The space between their rooms was so small that while gesticulating, her hand hit the Louvre of the landlady's room and one of the glasses split into two. All hell was let loose as this incident was used as an opportunity to arrest Chidinma. She was charged to court for damage to property worth #20,000 and the picture of the louver was attached.

She perfected her bail but couldn't continue to pay for the services of a lawyer. She visited our mobile office and after listening to her story, our lawyer- Itunuoluwaawolu, and Eniola Omosehin took her brief and

met with the complainant to see how the matter could be resolved amicably. The complainant said she wanted possession of her property and until that is done, she would keep the current charge in court. Our lawyer explained to her that it's a civil matter and she needs to follow the proper eviction processes and not victimize her with a criminal charge.

Chidinma was also advised to look for another accommodation in the interim. The matter suffered 12 adjournments and the Complainant always gives one excuse or the other to evade testifying in court.  On 18/8/22, the Court granted the prayer of our lawyer- Thecla Onuagu and the matter was struck out for want of diligent prosecution.

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