Mr. Abdullahi (45 years) & Mr. Adebisi (79 years) were tipper drivers in Ekiti State. Sometime in September 2021, they were contracted to extract sand from a particular address. Unfortunately, they went to the wrong address, which is the land situated next to the right address. They delivered the sand to the contractor and went their way. When the owner of the land found out what happened, they tracked them down and got them arrested.

They couldn't pay for the sand and couldn't get their contractor to do so. They were charged to Court for the offense of unlawful entry of a farm to extract sand and malicious damage valued at N720, 000.00. They were arraigned on the 6th of September 2021 and granted bail. Luckily, they perfected their bail and continued to attend Court from home. As time passed by, their lawyer stopped representing them and the Court referred their case to our mobile office in Ekiti State. Our lawyer-Endurance Ezealagi took their brief and continued to provide free legal representation.

The complainant didn't show up in court to prove the charges against them and this continued for months with our lawyer showing up alongside the defendants.

Fortunately, on the 10th of August 2022, an application for striking out was made, and after going through the record to confirm in the affirmative that the same had been previously made, the Court dismissed the charges against the defendants.


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