In the early hours of the 2nd of October,2018, Samson left his house at Ogudu area of Lagos State to the nearby market to get some food stuffs but unknown to him, police were raiding the area at the time. To his surprise he was picked up and pushed into the police van. At the police station, he was informed that he is suspected to be a cultist.he could not bail himself, he has no phone with him, he couldn't call anybody. He was charged to court upon his inability to bail himself and subsequently remanded in prison. He was in prison awaiting trial without legal representation until 30th of November when Headfort Foundation visited the prison and took up his case. We represented him in court on the 17th of December,2018 and the magistrate granted our lawyer's application to strike out the matter for want of diligent prosecution as the police obviously has no witness nor evidence against Samson. He was released on the 17th of December.

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