This young man is a generator repairer with a small workshop. In March 2019,one of his clients brought five generators to him. He was able to repair three perfectly and delivered them in good condition. The remaining two too a while and during the course of repair, the coil for one of them got burnt. He took it to the market to see if anything could be done to remedy it but unfortunately for him, he couldn't fix the coil. It was during this period that he lost his brother and had to travel to the village. While at the village, he got a call that he should report at the police station. He jetted back to Lagos only to realise that the client reported him to the police for stealing generator coil. He pleaded with the complainant to give him time to settle down while he buys another coil to replace the burnt one. He explained that he has no one who could bail him as he already lost four family members to a land dispute back at the village. The only brother in Lagos is the one that he went for the burial. The complainant instead of withdrawing his complaint, decided to abandon this poor guy at the police station. He wrote his statement and also confirmed his story by taking the police to the market were he tried fixing the coil. Low and behold, the police charged him to court for stealing generator part. Unbelievable right? Yes! As if that wasn't enough, the matter was abandoned in court with no witnesses for the prosecution. on 16th March, 2020 he told his story in court and our lawyer's application for striking out was granted. As sad as it is, no one can give back the year this man has unfortunately lost to the wicked acts of the so called citizens of this our great nation.

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